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  It was 3:45 in the morning when the vote was finally taken. After six months of arguing and final 16 hours of hot parliamentary debates, Australia’s Northern Territory became the first legal authority in the world to allow doctors to take the lives of incurably ill patients who wish to die. The measure passed by the convincing vote of 15 to 10. Almost immediately word flashed on the Internet and was picked up, half a world away, by John Hofsess, executive director of the Right to Die Society of Canada. He sent it on via the group’s on-line service, Death

  NET. Says Hofsess: “We posted bulletins all day long,because of course this isn’t just something that happened in Australia. It’s world history.”

  The full import may take a while to sink in. The NT Rights of the Terminally Illlaw has left physicians and citizens alike trying to deal with its moral and practical implications. Some have breathed sights of relief, others, including churches, right-to-life groups and the Australian Medical Association, bitterly attacked the hill and the haste of its passage. But the tide is unlikely to turn back. In Australiawhere an aging population, life-extending technology and changing community attitudes have all played their partother states are going to consider making a similar law to deal with euthanasia. In the US and Canada, where the right-to-die movement is gathering strength, observers are waiting for the dominoes to start falling.

  Under the new Northern Territory law, an adult patient can request death probably by a deadly injection or pillto put an end to suffering. The patient must be diagnosed as terminally ill by two doctors. After a “cooling off” period of seven days, the patient can sign a certificate of request. After 48 hours the wish for death can be met. For Lloyd Nickson, a 54-year-old Darwin resident suffering from lung cancer, the NT Rights of Terminally Ill law means he can get on with living without the haunting fear of his suffering: a terrifying death from h is breathing condition.“I’m not afraid of dying from a spiritual point of view, but what I was afraid of was how I’d go, because I’ve watched people die in the hospital fighting for oxygen and clawing at their masks,” he says.

  36.Which of the following has the similar meaning to the sentence “But the tide is unlikely to turn hack”?

  A) US and some other countries are waiting for the dominoes to start falling.

  B) It is impossible to pass the bill.

  C) Doctors are allowed by law to take the lives of the ill patients.

  D) The fact that the NT Rights of the Terminally Ill Law has been passed probably can’t be changed.

  37.From the second paragraph we learn that ______.

  A) the objection to euthanasia is slow to come in other countries

  B) physicians and citizens share the same view on euthanasia

  C) changing technology is chiefly responsible for the hasty passage of the law

  D) it takes time to realize the significance of the law’s passage

  38.When the author says that observers are waiting for the dominoes to start falling, he means ______.

  A) observers are taking a wait-and-see attitude towards the future of euthanasia

  B) similar bills are likely to be passed in the US, Canada and other countries

  C) observers are waiting to see the result of the game of dominoes

  D) the effect-taking process of the passed bill may finally come to a stop

  39.When Lloyd Nickson dies, he will ______.

  A) face his death with calm characteristic of euthanasia B) experience the suffering of a lung cancer patient

  C) have an intense fear of terrible suffering D) undergo a cooling off period of seven days

  40.The author’s attitude towards euthanasia seems to be that of ______.

  A) opposition B) suspicion C) approval D) doubt

  Part Ⅲ Vocabulary (20 minutes)

  Directions:There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.

  41.We were only able to make a ______ estimate of annual cost.

  A) coarse B) rough C) crude D) rude

  42.It is ______ nonsense that we win the game by chance.

  A) sheer B) shield C) shear D) sheet

  43.The diet should be perfectly ______ most people.

  A) deficient in B) short of C) intent on D) adequate for

  44.The ______ student will have a chance to be successful if he has self-confidence in his mind.

  A) common B) usual C) averageD) general

  45.Everybody has the general knowledge that the human body is a ______machine.

  A) delicate B) precise C) considerateD) sensitive

  46.______ cars in traffic jams cause a great deal of pollution.

  A) Standing B) Stable C) Stationary D) still

  47.We are told that over the next few months our work ______ will change.

  A) pattern B) scale C) grade D) rank

  48.You can pay for the house in ______ over a specified number of years.

  A) compensation B) substitution C) installments D) commission

  49.The fragile peace between the two countries was hanging by a ______ .

  A) thread B) rope C) string D) cord

  50.In general, native speaker will make ______ too when they use their native language.

  A) errors B) mistakes C) weaknesses D) flaws

  51.The organization publishes a regular ______ of world population statistics.

  A) themes B) leaflets C) digests D) insights

  52.The government has an ______ to cut tax if he promised to do so.

  A) impulse B) influence C) sympathy D) obligation

  53.In this company, most of the employees are women, but in the boards of corporations, women are in a ______ .

  A) minimum B) shortage C) scarcity D) minority

  54.I promised you that I’d help you, I’m not going ______ that.

  A) in for B) along withC) back on D) through with

  55.I was trying to tell him what really happened, but he ______ me______.

  A) gave...up B) cut...short C) turn...out D) put...through

  56.What others think I do not know, I can only ______ for myself.

  A) speak B) talk C) tell D) say

  57.The team has been ______ down the league table and really needs some new players.

  A) declining B) lessening C) slipping D) descending

  58.They ______ the classroom by adding a new building to it in order to

  hold more students.

  A) enhance B) enlarge C) strengthen D) magnify

  59.Do you think you could ______ that chocolate cake?

  A) duplicate B) stimulate C) accelerate D) modify

  60.On the computer keyboard, this is the key for ______.

  A) repelling B) constraining C) compelling D) deleting

  61.We can ______ the dangers of driving if we obey all the rules of the road.

  A) furnish B) minimize C) prolong

  D) rectify

  62.While I was on vacation abroad, my mail ______ in the box.

  A) accumulate B) assemble C) converge D) crowd

  63.Pressing this button, you can ______ the direction of movement of the machine.

  A) confuseB) perplex C) hamper D) reverse

  64.He’s given too much to his career, worked long hours, and ______ his own children.

  A) discard B) miss C) neglect D) omit

  65.Tom hardly seems middle-aged, ______ old.

  A) less likely B) let alone C) much worseD) all else

  66.The way in which information is transmitted has changed ______.

  A) dramatically B) startlingly C) enormouslyD) uniquely

  67.These are information that I really need to keep on ______.

  A) sequence B) segment C) pile D) file

  68.That’s one of the most astonishing economic ______ seen since the Second World War.

  A) transmissions B) transitions C) transformationsD) transaction

  69.Relationships in our department provide a ______ of the fact that people of different nations and cultures can work together peacefully.

  A) demonstration B) manifestation C) implementation D) expedition

  70.The company is trying to increase its ______ of the market.

  A) circulation B) reproduction C) manipulation D) penetration


  36. 答 案 D。

  【参考译文】 与But the tide is unlikely to turn back相近意思是哪一项?


  【详细解答】But the tide is unlikely to turn back可直译为:可这种潮流是不可逆转的。上文说:有些人攻击该法案,言外之意是有些人想****该法案。为什么不可能逆转局势?下文列举事例进行了说明。因此,答 案为D项“NT Rights of Terminally I11法案事实是不可逆转的”,而不是A项(美国和其他国家等待着发生多米诺骨牌效应),不是B项(不可能通过该法案),也不是C项(法律允许医生剥夺病人的生命)。

  37. 答 案 D。

  【参考译文】 从第二段我们可以知道____。


  【详细解答】A)在别的国家里对安乐死的反对缓慢。B)医生和市民对安乐死持相同的观点。C)不断变化的技术对草率通过该法律应付主要责任。C)需要时间才能认识到通过该法律的意义。根据短文第二段,A、C两项文中未提到,易于排除,而B项干扰性很大。第二段第二句话说医生和市民同样需要从道义和实际两方面去对待安乐死这一问题,alike同样地 (adv.),它修饰动词trying,而不是指“持相同意见”,而且紧接着下文说:一些人如释重负,另一些人则猛烈抨击,显然,观点是不一致的,故B不可选。D与短文第二段的首句意义一致;

  The full import may take a while to sink in.理解其全部含义需要时间(sink in理解=become understood, have a fixed place in mind)。

  38. 答 案 B。

  【参考译文】 作者说观察者们等待着多米诺骨牌效应的发生,他的意思是____。



  39. 答 案 A。

  【参考译文】 当Lloyd Nickson去世之时,他将____。


  【详细解答】文中并未直接说到Nickson怎样面对死亡,但根据他的话可知,他不怕死,而是害怕如何去死,害怕经历临走前因呼吸困难而垂死挣扎的痛苦。可如今,安乐死的法律已被通过,他不必这样提心吊胆了,正如文章最后部分所说:… law means he can get on with living without the haunting fear of his suffering: a terrifying death from his breathing condition.据此可知,选项A是正确答 案,即Nickson将带着安乐死特有的平静去面对死亡。B、C是过去的情况,与安乐死合法化后的情况不符;文中虽然提到了病人在签字实施安乐死前需要七天稳定情绪,但是D项并非该题所问,故D也不能入选。

  40. 答 案 C。

  【参考译文】 对待安乐死作者是持____观点。


  【详细解答】需要从字里行间去推断作者的态度。虽然文中作者并未直接表明自己的观点,但是作者通过列举事例暗示了自己的观点。首先,作者提到了加拿大的John Hofsess,并引用了他的话:“…这是世界历史上的大事。”接着在第二段中,作者提到了在美国和加拿大一些人期待着类似法律的相继实施,最后以Nickson为例说明了该法案得到了病人的拥护与欢迎,据此可知作者是持赞同(approval)观点的

  41. 答 案 B。

  【参考译文】 我们只能对年成本作一个大致的估计。

  【详细解答】rough 是个多义词,其中的一个含义相当于approximate, 可译为“粗略的、大致的”,因此B项是本题的正确答 案。coarse,crude,rude这三个词在做“粗糙的、粗鲁的”的意思解释的时候与rough是同义词,但是它们不能和calculation, computation, estimate等词进行搭配表示“粗略的”之意。

  42. 答 案 A。

  【参考译文】 我们赢得比赛纯属偶然的说法完全是胡说八道。

  【详细解答】从句子结构来看应该填入一个用于修饰nonsense的词,sheer的意思是“完全的、十足的”,可以用来修饰nonsense,因此是本题的正确答 案。其他三个词的词形与sheer相似,但意思不同,放在句子中不能形成合理的逻辑关系。

  43. 答 案 D。

  【参考译文】 对大多数人来说,这种饮食是完全合适的。

  【详细解答】deficient in 和short of的意思均为“缺少……的”,用于本题之中意思讲不通,intent on是“专心、一心一意(于……)”之意,放入句中句意不通顺。只有adequate for(对……适当的、充分的)符合本题的题意。

  44. 答 案 C。

  【参考译文】 只要心里有自信,一般学生也有机会获得成功。


  45. 答 案 A。

  【参考译文】 每个人都有这个常识:人体是一台精巧的机器。


  46. 答 案 C。

  【参考译文】 交通阻塞时汽车静止不动,这样会产生大量的污染。


  47. 答 案 A。

  【参考译文】 我们被告知在随后的几个月里我们的工作模式将发生变化。


  48. 答 案 C。

  【参考译文】 你可以用在规定的年限内分期付款的方式购买房子。

  【详细解答】本题要求填入一个能够与介词in进行搭配的名词。in compensation的意思是“以作赔偿”; in substitution意为“代替……”, 后常与介词for连用;in commission可以作“委托、佣金”解释,这三个介词结构放入句中都与句子的意思不符。in installments是“分期(付款)”的意思,正好与句子意思相符。

  49. 答 案 A。

  【参考译文】 两国间的和平关系岌岌可危、危在旦夕。

  【详细解答】四个选项都有“绳子、线”的意思,但是能够和hang进行搭配的只有thread。hang by a thread表示某事的情况很不稳定,岌岌可危、危在旦夕。

  50. 答 案 B。

  【参考译文】 一般说来,本国人在使用自己的语言的时候也会犯错误。


  51. 答 案 C。

  【参考译文】 该组织定期出版有关世界人口统计资料的摘录。

  【详细解答】digest意为“摘录”。theme意思是“主题、题目”;leaflet意思是“传单、散页印刷品”;insight意思是“深刻见解”,这三个词放入句中不合逻辑,因此都不是本题的答 案。

  52. 答 案 D。

  【参考译文】 政府有责任实施他所承诺的减税义务。


  53. 答 案 D。

  【参考译文】 这家公司里大多数职员都是女的,但是在公司董事会里,妇女是少数。

  【详细解答】根据句意,空格处应该填入表示“少数”意思的词,而in a minority就恰好表示此意。shortage表示“不足、缺少”,scarcity表示“稀少、欠收”,minimum表示“最低限度、最少量”。

  54. 答 案 C。

  【参考译文】 我答应过要帮助你,我是不会食言的。

  【详细解答】go back on意为 “违背”。go in for 意思是“爱好、从事”,表示从事某种具体的活动;go along with意思是“赞同、支持”;go through with意思是“将……进行到底”。这三个词组放入句中,句子意思不通顺。

  55. 答 案 B。

  【参考译文】 我想把实际情况告诉他,但是他打断了我的话,不让我说完。

  【详细解答】根据题意,这里要填入一个表示“打断”意思的短语。cut someone short意为“打断”;give someone up意为“把某人交给、招供出某人”;turn someone out意为“驱逐某人、使某人离开”;put someone through意为“为某人接通电话”。

  56. 答 案 A。

  【参考译文】 我不知道别人怎么想,我只能说出我个人的想法。


  57. 答 案 C。

  【参考译文】 这个队在协会中的名望不断下降,的确需要增补几名新队员了

  【详细解答】slip作“下降”意思讲的时候,主要强调水平或者标准的下降。decline(下降), 主要强调数量的下降或减少。descend意思是“下来,下降”,表示从高处降到低处。lessen表示大小、程度、重要性的减弱或者减少。

  58. 答 案 B。

  【参考译文】 他们盖了一栋新楼,增大了教室面积,以容纳更多的学生。

  【详细解答】enlarge(扩大、增大)可以和名词farm、 view等词搭配使用。enhance意思是“提高、增强”;strengthen的意思是“加强、变强”;magnify意思是“夸大、放大”。

  59. 答 案 A。

  【参考译文】 你认为你可以复制出同样的巧克力蛋糕吗?


  60. 答 案 D。

  【参考译文】 在计算机键盘上,这个键是删除键。


  61. 答 案 B。

  【参考译文】 如果开车时我们能够遵守一切交通规则, 我们就能将危险减少到最小程度。


  62. 答 案 A。

  【参考译文】 我在国外度假期间,我的信箱里堆满了信件。

  【详细解答】根据句子的意思,这里需要填入一个表示“积累、聚集”意思的词,accumulate 正是此意。assemble表示“集合”,converge表示“会合、聚集”,crowd表示“群集、拥挤”。

  63. 答 案 D。

  【参考译文】 如果我们按下这个按钮,我们就能够改变机器的运动方向。


  64. 答 案 C。

  【参考译文】 他对自己的工作太投入,每天工作时间很长,忽视了自己的孩子。

  【详细解答】neglect意为“忽视、忽略”,符合本题的要求。omit的意思是“遗漏、疏忽”,discard的意思是“丢弃、抛弃”。miss 的意思是“漏掉、省略”,后可以跟介词out连用。

  65. 答 案 B。

  【参考译文】 汤姆看起来不像是中年人,那就更不用说像老年人了。

  【详细解答】let alone这个词组的意思是“更不用说”,但是其他三个词组less like(可能性很小),much worse(更加糟糕)和 all else(其他一切)都没有这个意思。

  66. 答 案 A。

  【参考译文】 信息传输的方式发生了根本性的变化。


  67. 答 案 D。

  【参考译文】 这些信息我的确需要存档。

  【详细解答】keep something on file是固定搭配,表示“存档、归档”的意思。 sequent的意思是“顺序”,segment的意思是“部分、片段”。pile的意思是“堆”,通常情况下用语a pile of结构中。

  68. 答 案 C。

  【参考译文】 自第二次世界大战以来,这是最令人震惊的经济改革之一。


  69. 答 案 A。

  【参考译文】 我们部门的人际关系说明了下面这样一个事实:不同民族和文化的人是可以和睦共处的。


  70. 答 案 D。

  【参考译文】 该公司正设法进一步打入市场。

  【详细解答】penetration的意思是“渗透、进入”,正符合题目要求,句子意思通顺。 Circulation(传播、发行)、manipulation(操纵、控制)和reproduction(复制、繁殖)虽然后缀都一样,但是词义相差甚大,放入句中,意思讲不通。


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